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What is YEP Insurance?

In accordance with the Rotary organisation, a special travel insurance package for travel support and repatriation has been developed by AIG and is offered to YEP participants.

Who is it for?

Belgian Outbound Rotary Students & International Students coming to Belgium (Rotary Exchange Programme) & accepted by the following Rotary District: 1620.

For all enquiries outside the Rotary Exchange Programme, please contact our offices through

What is covered?

  • Medical Expenses Abroad with a € 50 copayment per claim for outpatient care
  • Bodily Injuries – accidental death & permanent disability
  • Urgent Dental Treatment
  • Luggage
  • Assistance
  • Travel Inconvenience
  • Legal Assistance


Duration of the policy?

Maximum duration of 12 months (365 days) (travel period)

How to apply?

Once formal confirmation is received of your acceptance to the YEP programme, you can subscribe for the cover for the duration of the programme (maximum 12 months). Once the application has been submitted and payment has been received by Insurance Broker Malfait, you will receive a confirmation by email with your insurance certificate, general terms & conditions. Subscription and payment is possible through our online payment portal on the website.

Online Payment


  • Intoxication
  • Sports, including practice, for professional purposes within the framework of contractual remuneration
  • Air sports, with the exception of ballooning
  • Alpinism
  • Mountaineering
  • Hiking outside of accessible and/or officially marked paths
  • Big game hunting
  • Ski-jumping
  • …..
  • Pre-Existing Illnesses

In case of Emergency – In case of urgent medical treatment or need for in-patient care, please contact AIG on the following number:

+3227399991 - English (24h/7d)

+3227399990 - French (24h/7d)    

+3227399992 - Dutch (24h/7d)

Please make sure you have your policy number handy when making the call.


What kind of certificate will I receive and when shall I receive it?

Your insurance certificate will be sent as soon as we have received the online payment for your policy. Your insurance certificate will state your policy number, duration of cover, rotary district number as well as the AIG Assistance number in case of emergencies.

I need to go to the doctor or emergency department.

You can visit the doctor or emergency department. You will have to pay the bill for the consult and a claim form will need to be filled out by the doctor or emergency department. It might be handy to take a claim form with you when visiting the doctors. You can then submit your claim to AIG for reimbursement (€ 50 copayment for medical expenses).

The reimbursements for covered medical expenses will be paid after the invoices have been submitted to your health fund or alternative insurance contract. If your health fund does not provide payment for an expense, please request a letter of proof of non-reimbursement.

I need a medical treatment involving hospitalisation.

+3227399991 - English (24h/7d)

+3227399990 - French (24h/7d)

+3227399992 - Dutch (24h/7d)

Please make sure you have your policy number handy when making the call.

If the hospital allows, you can ask AIG Assistance to confirm to the hospital that the medical charges will be covered by AIG and ask for direct payment by AIG to the hospital.

What is the procedure for reimbursement of claims?

Please fill out the general claims form from AIG fully with your insurance policy number and full bank account details (BIC AND IBAN Code included).

These can be sent to or sent by post to AIG: Boulevard de la Plaine 11 – 1050 Brussels – Belgium.

Please make sure you provide AIG with all the details of the costs such as copies of the invoices along with your claims form.

Is there a copayment for medical costs?

The copayment is € 50 / claim for medical costs and a general copayment of € 125 for all other costs.

My grandfather has passed away, will the insurance cover my travel costs to attend the funeral?

Please contact AIG on the following number to ask for assistance for repatriation.

+3227399991 - English (24h/7d)

+3227399990 - French (24h/7d)

+3227399992 - Dutch (24h/7d)

Please make sure you have your policy number handy.

AIG will generally organise a return trip to your country of origin to attend the funeral (economy class ticket).

I am a diabetic and need medical treatment during the exchange programme. Will these costs be reimbursed?

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions are not covered as only medical expenses due to illness or accidents occurred during the stay abroad are covered.

I am travelling with the host family and we plan to go skiing. Am I covered?

You are insured during the policy duration for all travel (excluding USA/Canada unless specific coverage for these countries is underwritten) while staying with your host family. You will be covered for medical costs as long as you are not participating as a professional or participating in competitions. Please take note that sports practised outside accessible and/or officially marked tracks are not covered.

Someone stole my luggage, what do I need to do?

You can call the AIG Assistance number on +3227399991 to ask for assistance. Please make sure you keep your policy number handy when making the call.


NV Malfait Verzekeringskantoor is active as an independent insurance broker and is responsible for the underwriting of the insurance contracts for Rotary YEP programme for the Rotary Chapter 1620 on behalf of AIG Belgium (the insurer). We are accredited by the Belgian Financial and Markets Authority (FSMA) under the number 049368A.

Your insurer is AIG Europe Limited, Belgian branch (hereafter: AIG). AIG Europe Limited is registered in England. Company number: 01486260. Registered Office: The AIG Building, 58 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4AB, United Kingdom. Belgian branch office located on Pleinlaan 11, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. RPM/RPR Brussels - VAT BE 0847.622.919.

AIG Europe Limited is an insurer authorised by the UK Prudential Regulation Authority, 20 Moorgate, Londen EC2R 6DA, UK. The Belgian branch of AIG Europe Limited is registered with the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) under the number 1136. The NBB is located on Berlaimontlaan 14, 1000 Brussels.

In Belgium, AIG mainly offers its products through independent brokers, which need to respect the MiFID legislation in turn.