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Privacy disclaimer

Privacy Policy

NV Malfait Verzekeringskantoor respects the privacy of all users of its site and shall ensure that the personal information you will give us will be treated confidentially.

Our company needs to process personal information in order to draw up insurance policies. By accepting the general conditions and leaving your data on our website, you grant us permission to use this data for underwriting insurance policies you have selected and manage your insurance policies in our role as your insurance broker. We reserve the right to share the collected data with insurance companies with the purpose to evaluate the risk and underwrite the insurance policy.

Your personal data can be used by our company for commercial reasons. It can occur that our company needs to process medical &/or sensitive data. By ticking the box when subscribing for a policy, you grant us permission to use this personal data for proper management of your policies.

Your personal data will solely be used by our company for underwriting & managing insurance policies & will not be kept longer than necessary.

Conform the privacy law of 8th December 1992 you, as a consumer, have the right to check and change your personal data at all times.  Additional information can be obtained from the Privacy Commission, on the following address : Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels. We respect the privacy off all our users and shall ensure that the personal information you have supplied will be treated confidentially. All of our staff are being trained to treat your personal information with integrity.

What is understood under processing information is each act to process personal data. The term processing data covers collecting, oploading, organising, saving, actualising, changing, requesting, viewing, using, sharing or presenting the data or making the data available in any form, bringing together, combining, archiving, deleting or destroying of personal data.

We process personal information for different reasons – Only the information needed for these specific reasons, will be used.

We use your personal details

  • When you have given us your permission to use this data.
  • In the framework when working as an insurance broker – to evaluate risk, underwrite policies or get in touch with you f.i. with regards to a claim.
  • To respond to legal requirement we are subjected to.  


Head Office:


Minister Tacklaan 33

8500 Kortrijk – België

Accredited by the Belgian Financial and Markets Authority - RPR Kortrijk 0476.982.850

Telephone :  056 200 800

Fax :            056 200 126

E-mail :

Website :


Communication with our company:

You can communicate with us in English. Our office communicates whenever possible via email – we will use the email address you have provided us on the website. For specific general communication to our customers and in accordance to the legal requirements we shall use the above mentioned website.  

Our website mentions links to sites of third parties such as insurance companies and social media partners – the user agreements of these third parties are not subject to our privacy policy. Please read their privacy policy in terms of the use of your personal information.

NV Malfait will not sell your personal data to third parties nor do we supply this information with third parties – unless needed for processing your application for underwriting an insurance policy. For our products we work in accordance with third parties such as insurance companies.

Your right to access information.

You have the right to access & change your personal data at any time.  

In order to use your right to access your personal data in writing, please send us your request in writing by registered post to NV Malfait Verzekeringskantoor, Minister Tacklaan 33, 8500 Kortrijk.

To use your right to access your personal information and to avoid that your information would be made public without consent, you will need to provide us with a proof of identity, by preference a copy of your identity card (front + back page + 1st & 2nd page in case of passport).

Your right for change or removal of your information.

You have the right to ask for a change or removal of uncomplete, faulty, unusual or aged personal data. You can do so by contacting our head office by registered post. We shall adapt or remove the personal data according to the legal requirements and processing period. Please note that in certain circumstances, depending on your request, we might not be able to offer all services. We are not always in a position to remove all data we hold.   In order to keep your data up-to-date, we request you to keep us informed of any changes such as change of address, change of family status etc.

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