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NV Malfait

NV MALFAIT VERZEKERINGSKANTOOR was founded in 1974 by the Malfait family and has grown into a leading professional insurance broker offering services to both companies and individuals in West and East Flanders.

Since 2004, our customers can rely on experts in their field after the acquisitions of renowned offices in the region such as Nuttin & Carette in 2004. In 2008, Atelia Kortrijk (formerly Callewaert) was acquired, followed by Kantoor Willem Piette in 2013.

On 1 July 2015, the independent insurance brokerage firms Malfait (of director Erlend Malfait) and Vanherpe (of Patrick Vanherpe), decided to join forces in one structure. The main offices remain in the historical building on the Minister Tacklaan in Kortrijk, where NV Malfait moved its business in 2013.

Our current workforce consists of 35 employees with a wide range of know-how and expertise, placing the firm among the top of Flemish independent insurance brokers.